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Why convert YouTube video to MP4 ?

The MP4 format is also known technically as MPEG-4 Part 14, which is a video compression algorithm. The MP4 format compresses most of the data in the original file, while providing the best video quality. That's why he's so popular !

It turns out that tools that allow extracting sound from video platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitter and other video platforms (such as Mp4 YouTube) are increasingly available on the Web. What's the reason ? Well, with such a tool, any video clip can be converted into a high quality MP4 file ! When you enter the YouTube keyword in a search engine such as Google, it will return "YouTube mp4". Thanks to sites like ours, you can download your favorite video clips with just one click and convert them to MP4 format !

An exception to private copying ?

The conversion tools are completely legal, as any software can record a program, a web page or a file for download.

Just like TV channels, video portals such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe... offer free-to-air high-definition video clips with video quality very close to that of a DVD...

According to French law, "the exception for private copying authorizes an individual to reproduce a work of the mind for private use". Thus, just as it is tolerated to record a programme on television, nothing prevents a user from recording a video clip, provided of course that this copy is used only in a strictly family or personal context.

How to use our converter ?

What is Mp4 YouTube ?

Mp4 YouTube is a free online youtube converter that can convert youtube videos to mp4 file.

How to use our converter ?

You need to go to a YouTube video, copy the link of the video then paste it into the mp4 converter and you will get the video converted to mp4 format.

Do you have to register ?

We do not ask you to register in order to use our mp4 converter.

Can I use Mp4 YouTube with any device ?

Yes, because our site has the latest technologies such as "responsive design" which allows you to adapt to any device.

Are we being stalked while we convert ?

Downloads are completely anonymous !

I'm having a bug or want to report an improvement !

For any request click here !

What are its limits ?

How many files can I download ?

How much you want, there are no restrictions !

When does the download link expire ?

Download links expire after 10 minutes.

What is the maximum time a video can be converted ?

Your videos should not exceed an hour and a half.

Is it possible to download a live stream ?

You cannot download a live.

I get the message "This video is copyright protected." !

This message means that the video you want to download is copyrighted.